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Network diagrams are perfect for showing how hardware devices are connected to each other. Instead of trying to cobble a network diagram together in Excel, use a free, downloadable template from Lucidchart. Lucidchart lets you make and edit network diagram templates. Once you’ve finished your diagram, you can easily insert it into an Excel document.

What are network diagrams?

Network diagrams visually summarize many kinds of computer networks. They use illustrated symbols to depict devices such as laptops, routers, or satellites. A network diagram can capture something as broad as a city-wide computer system, or as narrow as a personal work space. The most common type of network to diagram is a local area network (LAN), which depicts a contained network with multiple devices, such as a home or office.

Lucidchart lets you effortlessly produce these diagrams, as shown in the template below. To edit this template, simply click on it and you will be taken to Lucidchart’s editor. Then use intuitive technology to add or remove shapes or resize lines. Once you’ve made the diagram your own, you’re ready to add it to Excel.

Add to Excel

  1. To add your network diagram to an Excel document, select File > Download As in Lucidchart. Choose your preferred image format (PNG or JPG) and desired image resolution, and then choose Download.

  2. Open up your Excel workbook. Go to Insert > Pictures, find the image you just downloaded, and choose Insert.

Network diagram template For Excel

Network Diagram Template for ExcelTry it now!

More on network diagrams

To learn more about network diagrams, check out our summary of network diagram icons and symbols, or get another free template on our wireless network diagram page. You can also peruse Lucidchart’s community library for thousands of templates for all kinds of diagrams. Make mind maps, flowcharts, org charts, circuit diagrams, activity diagrams, ERD, and much more.