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Go beyond mind maps with Lucidchart

  1. Cloud-based software that works anywhere, anytime

    With Lucidchart’s cloud-based software, your work is always just a click away—outdated software, installation, and lost work are never an issue. XMind’s download-only software limits its functionality to the desktop.

  2. Collaborative features that keep up with your team

    Because XMind only works on a desktop, its collaborative capabilities are limited. Lucidchart allows you to work in the same document simultaneously with collaborators, and then share, publish, and print your work instantly.

  3. Dynamic integrations with endless possibilities

    Lucidchart lets you easily connect to all of the apps you use every day, including G Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce, Atlassian, and more. In contrast, XMind provides limited connections to other software and requires users to work in their environment.

  4. Functionality that goes beyond mind maps

    XMind is great for creating mind maps, but its other diagramming abilities are extremely limited. Lucidchart lets you build dynamic mind maps, construct org charts from CSV files, draw floorplans, create flowcharts, and much more within a single platform.

Make a mind map in minutes

Start with a template or create a mind map from scratch using Lucidchart.

Make a mind map

All the features you need—with none of the hassle

Mind map templates

Get started faster with your choice of templates

Our template library has hundreds of templates to choose from, each of them fully customizable. Select from templates for mind maps, flowcharts, network diagrams, Venn diagrams, and more. Our team of dedicated template specialists adds new templates regularly, making it easier to create diagrams that meet your specific needs. 

Lucidchart presentation mode

Present your work easily and instantly

Present your diagram without ever leaving the editor with our clean, easy-to-use presentation mode. Lucidchart’s powerful integrations also let you migrate your entire presentation to PowerPoint or Google Slides for added convenience and versatility.

Import mind map in lucidchart

Save time with data linking

See your data in context—plus save yourself the trouble of manually entering entire data sets. Import your data from Excel, Google Sheets, Zapier, Salesforce, and more. All of the changes made to your data set will reflect instantly in your Lucidchart diagram.

Lucidchart mobile app

Work from any device or operating system

Lucidchart works seamlessly across both iOS and Android devices, so you can start diagramming no matter what device you use. Our cloud-based editor is easily accessible from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, making it easy to create, edit, or share your work on the go.

Lucidchart diagram import

Import from Visio, OmniGraffle, draw.io, or Smartdraw

Our import feature makes it simpler than ever to switch from another diagramming software. Import your existing diagrams to Lucidchart in minutes, and then use our full range of tools to edit, reformat, collaborate on, and share your work as you please.

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Sales Business Plan Mind Map

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