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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation.

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Lead effective brainstorming sessions with a whiteboard online.

  • Leverage real-time collaboration in an online drawing board

    Maximize the power of brainstorming with real-time collaboration

    Studies show that jotting down your ideas can improve your memory, idea composition, and expression. When you’re working within a group, recording your ideas can help you focus your brainstorming sessions, prioritize ideas from different participants, and organize next steps. With real-time collaboration, our online whiteboard software makes it easy for your entire team to add, edit, and provide feedback on ideas using one centralized web whiteboard.

  • Draw big ideas on a bigger canvas when you whiteboard online

    Make bigger, better whiteboards with an unlimited canvas

    While a physical whiteboard’s space restrictions can limit the size or complexity of your visuals, our unlimited digital canvas gives you the freedom to add and organize your ideas within your collaborative whiteboard as you please. Easily import your meeting notes from a plain text file or CSV, use @mention notifications and comments to add important information to individual notes, and use hotkeys to add sticky notes as quickly as you can think them up.

  • Create an interactive whiteboard by adding files, links, media, and more

    Attach files, links, images, and videos for interactive whiteboards

    Turn your brainstorming sessions into actionable plans with help from our online whiteboard software. Once your ideas are recorded and organized, use our advanced features to attach relevant files, links, images, and videos for your team to reference throughout your projects. Formalize your ideas into plans by incorporating your notes and goals from your online whiteboard collaboration into Lucidchart process flows, dashboards, and reports. And voila! You’re ready to tackle your next project.

  • Share your digital whiteboard and align on ideas faster

    Align your team by sharing your digital whiteboard

    Make sure your team is aligned by giving your team access to your digital whiteboard online, with Lucidchart’s intuitive sharing and collaboration features. Create clean, interactive presentations with our in-editor presentation mode to showcase your digital whiteboard to team members and stakeholders as needed. Distribute your presentation in a few easy clicks by emailing your document to individuals or specified groups or sharing an auto-generated published link with collaborators.

  • Bring your whiteboard ideas into your favorite integrations

    Work smarter, not harder with Lucidchart integrations

    Access, edit, and share your online whiteboard with the platforms your team uses every day. With our powerful G Suite integration, you can access your whiteboard directly from your Google Drive, import your work into Google Docs or Slides, and control viewing and editing privileges as you go. Lucidchart also works seamlessly with MS Suite, Slack, Confluence, Jira, and other popular apps, so you can easily adapt your brainstorming session to your workflow, not the other way around.

How to create a whiteboard online

  1. Use a whiteboard template or start from scratch with a blank canvas

    You can choose an existing template from our library, import a TXT or CSV file to generate shapes automatically, or you can start from scratch with a blank canvas.

  2. Add sticky notes with your ideas

    Divide your online whiteboard into appropriate sections, then drag and drop sticky notes onto the canvas. Press "Enter" to create new shapes quickly.

  3. Format your notes and add text or multimedia

    Customize your diagram by adjusting the layout, updating colors, and reformatting lines. Organize your thoughts by to-do lists, projects, and more. Add text, formatting, and colors to any shape.

  4. Use additional diagrams to move your project forward

    Take your project through to next steps with process flows that depict task ownership, mockups with basic designs, or reports to monitor KPIs. Start from scratch or use a template.

  5. Collaborate, analyze, improve, and share

    Work with stakeholders to highlight the best ideas and get feedback on plans. Share your online whiteboards, mind maps, and other diagrams for valuable input before moving forward.

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