Swimlane Diagram Template Excel

Swimlane diagram template Excel

Swimlanes are perfect for communicating tasks and deadlines in a team setting. Instead of struggling to build one by hand in Excel, just use our simple downloadable templates.

Lucidchart is a free swimlane diagram maker. Use it to generate great-looking documentation that can be seamlessly included in any Excel document.

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What are swimlanes?

Swimlanes are simple graphical elements that can outline and organize tasks in a process. Like their namesake, they’re rectangular shapes. They may be oriented either vertically or horizontally, and information can be included in the title section and main body. The template below was created with Lucidchart’s editor, then inserted into an Excel file. You’ll notice that the diagram shows a flowchart contained and organized by lanes. This presents a streamlined view that will help each member of the team stay on track.

To edit the template for your own needs, just click it and sign up for a free trial. Edits can then be saved, and the entire document downloaded as an image. To add shapes to the canvas, simply drag and drop from the toolbar. Design elements are easily altered by selecting part of the diagram, then using the options in the properties bar or the dock on the right side of the page.



To embed your swimlane diagram template into Microsoft Excel, click File > Download As. Select the image file type you prefer, indicate which areas of the page you’d like to download, then hit the download button.


Open a blank workbook in Excel. Then click the Insert tab and select Pictures. Find the image you downloaded and click Insert.

Swimlane diagram example

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Swimlane diagram template Excel

More swimlane diagram templates

Instead of buying additional software or installing add-ons to Excel, you can try Lucidchart for free. At the end of your trial, choose between a paid or free account. No matter which visual tools you need, Lucidchart’s all-in-one solution provides them. If you require additional swimlane templates, just check out the options below.

Swimlane diagram template Excel

Basic horizontal swimlane

If you’re unsure of how to make and edit swimlanes, start with this simple example. Its horizontal lanes can be switched to vertical with one click. Drag from the corners to adjust height and width of the shape, and click the tool tip icon to add or subtract swimlanes.

Swimlane diagram template Excel

Basic vertical swimlane

This swimlane template is easy to download and share. If you prefer to collaborate in the cloud, that’s no problem. Share your doc on social media, embed it in a website, or invite others to work on it from their web browsers. All edits will sync instantaneously!

Swimlane diagram template Excel

Ordering process swimlane

Use this diagram to understand how businesses might respond to a customer order. You can also personalize it with your own tasks in order to set activities against a strict deadline. Additional containers and shapes can be dragged onto the canvas from the toolbox.

Don’t waste time by wrestling with Excel’s limited feature set. Lucidchart is an affordable, modern alternative that gives you the options you need.

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