30-60-90 day balanced scorecard example

This balanced scorecard template can help you:

  • Set large, strategic organizational goals.
  • Break down goals into small, measureable initiatives of 30, 60, and 90 day increments.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to see if goals are being met.

Open this template to view a detailed example of a balanced scorecard diagram that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
30-60-90 day balanced scorecard example example

What is the 30-60-90 day balanced scorecard example?

The 30-60-90 Day balanced scorecard measures current objectives, goals, and milestones within 30, 60, and 90-day days. They are most commonly used by managers and new hires as a means of strategizing and aligning definitions of success.

Benefits of using 30-60-90 day balanced scorecard example

You may be wondering, what is a balanced scorecard? It is designed to help managers and new hires identify and track goals and outcomes within the first three months of employment. Our organized balanced scorecard template makes building a balanced scorecard that custom fits your individual goals easy. Easily share your visuals to collaborate with managers and direct reports, creating alignment on your specific goals and objectives.

How to use 30-60-90 day balanced scorecard example in Lucidspark

Here’s our quick step-by-step guide for getting started on your balanced scorecard template:

  • Open your template and customize the objectives and measurements for the current state and target progress.
  • Customize row categories based on role competencies.
  • Link data to support your visuals if you are on track to meeting your objectives.
  • Use @mention comments to identify specific definitions, objectives, or accomplishments.
  • Easily share through Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams integrations.

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