BCG matrix

This BCG matrix template can help you:

  • Determine if your products have high or low growth and market share.
  • Focus your resources on the products that will bring in the most value.
  • Make strategic decisions faster.

Open this template and add content to customize this BCG matrix to your use case.

Use this template
BCG matrix example

What is the BCG matrix template?

The BCG (or Boston Consulting Group) matrix was designed in 1968 by its founder, Bruce Henderson. It was designed to optimize long-term strategic planning by helping businesses identify growth opportunities.

Benefits of using the BCG matrix template

The BCG matrix is a useful tool for categorizing products and investments based on their market growth and relative market share. Not only can the matrix help identify which products bring in the most value, but it can also help pinpoint which components of a given product make it successful. With a holistic overview of your products, the BCG matrix can drive strategic decision-making that streamlines resources and creates growth opportunities.

How to use the BCG matrix template in Lucidchart

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with your BCG matrix template:

  • Open the template and fill out the five categories: Stars, question marks, cash cows, and dogs.
  • Create a diagram key if necessary to increase understanding of your diagram.
  • Drag and drop shapes onto your diagram to customize your visuals.
  • Share your BCG matrix via Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to give relevant stakeholders easy access to your diagram.
  • Leave comments, suggest edits, and share ideas with other collaborators directly within your canvas to create a truly collaborative experience.

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