Gantt chart with progress bar

This Gantt chart with progress bar template can help you:

  • Show tasks and their related dependencies.
  • Identify the progress of each task.

  • Keep your project on track.

Open this template to view a Gantt chart that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Gantt chart with progress bar example

What is the Gantt chart with progress bar template?

Gantt charts are a project management tool that helps you track the tasks you need to complete and the timeframe allotted to them. They’re commonly used by project managers, team leads, QA teams, and other types of managers. Use this Lucidchart Gantt chart template to track project progress and identify blockers so that deadlines never sneak up on you.

Benefits of using the Gantt chart with progress bar template

When you use this Gantt chart template, you’ll be able to easily view tasks and their dependencies, which helps you keep track of your tasks and projects and keep everything on schedule. You’ll be able to see at a glance what’s coming due soon, which will help you prioritize your workload and spot potential problems coming up.

The template is easy to customize, no matter the project you’re working on. Just edit it to show the tasks you need to track and their timeframe, and you can get going right away. It’s also easy to share and collaborate on this template—and when you need to align project teams, you can use it as a single source of truth to keep everyone on the same page.

How to use the Gantt chart with progress bar in Lucidchart

Luidchart’s tools simplify getting all your information into the Gantt chart template. Create an automated dashboard to easily scan the information you’ll put in the chart, and create a diagram key.

Next, import project data, and link data to the diagram so that it automatically updates. This ensures that your Gantt chart stays accurate.

As you edit the template, use conditional formatting and our timeline feature. When you’re ready, share your chart via any of our integrations, including with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Slack.

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