Kinship diagram

This kinship diagram template can help you:

  • Show your family lineage.
  • Quickly draw out relationships to present a culture's kinship pattern without showing specific names.
  • Access the basic symbols used to create a kinship diagram.

Open this template and add content to customize this kinship diagram to your use case.

Use this template
Kinship diagram example

What is a kinship diagram?

Kinship diagrams are similar to a family tree in that both show relationships. However, while a family tree breaks down specific people, their ancestry, and their descendents, a kinship diagram uses specific symbols to show the structure of a family. They’re commonly used by anthropologists when studying families in different cultures.

Other people who may use a kinship diagram include educators, genetic counselors, and genealogists, as well as people working on their own family history.

Benefits of using the kinship diagram template

Kinship diagrams allow you to see the structure of a family at a glance. This is helpful whether you’re a professional researcher doing fieldwork or just someone trying to figure out how your fourth cousin is related to you. You’ll be able to see who is related to who and how.

This specific kinship diagram template is easy to collaborate on. Work on it in real time with your colleagues or your family members to get the most accurate information recorded. When you’re done, you can share the diagram with others at the click of a button.

How to use the kinship diagram template in Lucidchart

This template is ready for you. Open it and start customizing the diagram.

First, give your diagram a name. After that, start with the person at the center of your study, whether that’s yourself or a research subject. This is Ego. Choose the appropriate symbol from the legend and copy it to your canvas.

From there, map out Ego’s relationships. Keep copying the symbols you need from the legend and place them on the board. You can move things around if needed and add labels to give more detailed information about each person on your diagram.

Click the Share button on the top of the page to add collaborators or share the final product. You can share your kinship diagram via email or within software like Slack, JoinID, and Microsoft Teams.

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