Network org structure example

This network org structure example template can help you:

  • Focus on open communication rather than hierarchy.
  • Be more agile and flexible.
  • Make sense of how onsite and offsite resources or processes interact.

Open this template to view a detailed example of a network org structure that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Network org structure example example

What is the network org structure example?

Pretend you’re in charge of determining where your business should build its newest office. You want it to be somewhere central to most people, but there’s a problem: No central document shows where everyone in the company is physically located. There’s also no way to tell which teams would benefit from being near. What would you do?

The smartest thing to do is create an organizational structure chart. This document will help you visualize how onsite and offsite resources are related and help you identify different teams at a glance.

Our network org structure example template can also be used organization-wide to show how departments relate to each other. It can help with everything from in-person logistics to determining which business buildings should have the most resources.

Benefits of using the network org structure example

  • The template illustrates the relationships and connections between different teams and departments, enabling teams to identify and reach out to relevant stakeholders or collaborators easily.
  • It helps promote a culture of cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Share with collaborators with just a click.
  • See the big picture in an easy-to-understand chart.
  • It updates in real time as changes are made.

How to use the network org structure example in Lucidchart

  1. Fill out different office locations, outsourced work, freelancers, teams, etc.
  2. Add and format shapes.
  3. Easily share with the company through Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams integrations.
  4. Import data like contact info to easily reach specific team members.

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