Nursing concept map example

A nursing concept map template helps nurses organize data, identify patient problems and visualize various healthcare practices.Try this template!

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nursing concept map template

Use a nursing concept map to align your healthcare team

Effective healthcare involves a variety of factors. Suppose your healthcare team needs to develop procedures for a particular treatment or consider the elements in a specific patient’s case. In that case, you can use a nursing concept map to stay organized.

A concept map is a diagram depicting concepts as boxes or circles structured hierarchically and connected with lines or arrows representing the connections between the concepts. The lines and shapes are labeled, creating a functional visual representation of complex processes, theories, or ideas.

Lucidchart’s nursing concept map example template provides a valuable resource to help your healthcare team visualize the management of specific healthcare practices. You can use the template to identify patient problems, organize data, and keep track of other variables your team must consider in a treatment plan.

Use the nursing concept map example template in Lucidchart

Our template includes a nursing concept map example that can be studied for reference and customized for your needs. To customize the concept map example:

  • Change the text by clicking a line or shape and then typing.
  • Add or change shapes as needed with the shape library.
  • You can rearrange or add lines by dragging your cursor to another shape.
  • Customize the colors of lines or shapes using the formatting toolbar.

As you customize the nursing concept map, you create a helpful reference that can easily be shared with others. Use the nursing concept map example template to help keep your nursing team, doctor’s office, or hospital staff on the same page regarding your patients’ healthcare.

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