Stakeholder map example

This stakeholder map template can help you:

  • Identify stakeholders and their relationships.
  • Understand each stakeholder's interest in a project.
  • Know the level of engagement required with each stakeholder during a project.

Open this template to view a detailed example of a stakeholder map that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Stakeholder map example example

What is the Stakeholder map template?

A stakeholder map, also known as a power interest grid, is a tool used to visually map out each stakeholder relative to their interest in your project. It’s key to establishing the appropriate level of communication with your stakeholders, engaging them for the correct feedback and resources, and anticipating requirements for each step of your project.

Benefits of using the Stakeholder map template

Our flexible and customizable Stakeholder map template is built to help your team identify stakeholders and their relationships within your project or organization. Quickly visualize each stakeholder’s interest in your project, as well as what kind of resources they can provide to achieve success. Your template can act as a guide to recognizing the level of engagement required with each stakeholder and engaging them effectively.

How to use the Stakeholder map template in Lucidchart

Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding your information to your Stakeholder map template:

  • Add text to a shape by selecting it and typing your information.
  • To format shapes, click on a shape and then click "Shape Options," "Fill Color," and "Line Color" on the properties bar.
  • Hover over a shape and click on any red circle to add lines. Connect shapes by dragging lines between the red dots on each shape.
  • Add text to a line by double-clicking the text or anywhere on the line and typing.
  • To format lines, click on a line and use the properties bar at the top of the canvas.
  • Click the button to the right of the document to view tutorials, videos, and more to help you with your template.

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