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7 ways to maximize Google Workspace with Lucidchart integrations

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G Suite is one of today’s leading office applications—with over 2 billion users worldwide. With its wide-ranging functionality and flexible usage, it’s easy to see why. Lucidchart integrations let you tap into G Suite’s powerful interface to create, edit, and share visuals without interrupting your workflow. 

Find out how you can promote collaboration at every stage of the project lifecycle and accomplish more than ever with our integrations for Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Gmail.

1. Give team members access to collaborate and contribute feedback

Google Workspace's collaborative features are well documented, but combined with Lucidchart, your team can work better together and keep everyone in the loop. To get started on a project, add collaborators to your Lucidchart documents so you and your team members can work together in real time. 

Our Gmail integration lets you invite teammates while still managing permission controls. Give users access to your document for collaboration and feedback, but also control exactly how they can interact with your document. Determine which members can view, make comments on, or edit your document to maintain security and avoid unwanted changes to your visuals.

2. Improve team collaboration

Did you know that Lucidchart customers who integrate with Google Workspace share 25% more documents with their colleagues? 

Integrating with Google Workspace lets you share important diagrams with teammates who do not have access to Lucidchart. Adding diagrams directly to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides gives you a quick and simple means of sharing your visuals while increasing productivity and transparency. Clear visibility across documentation eliminates miscommunication and lets you keep moving projects forward with confidence. 

You can even let your collaborators in on your work by tagging them in your diagrams—they’ll get a Gmail notification alerting them that they have an @mention, with a link directly to your comment for faster feedback.

3. Add visuals to documentation to clarify complex ideas and processes

Word- or data-heavy documents can make it difficult to contextualize information. Adding compelling visuals to your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can clarify complex ideas and allow for effortless scannability and greater transparency. Easily insert any of your relevant Lucidchart visuals into your documents to help your audience visualize in seconds what would take paragraphs to explain. 

And it’s easy to make changes in Lucidchart and update diagrams across your Google Workspace documentation. Just go to the add-on sidebar and click “Update Images”—now your diagram is up to date. Be sure to frequently refresh diagrams to ensure that your documents contain the most current version. 

4. Automate diagrams with data to quickly get the information that matters most

Spend less time tediously combing through spreadsheets and quickly pinpoint the most important information to make informed decisions and ensure your project stays on track.

Part of what makes integrating Lucidchart and Google Workspace so useful is the ability to visualize and track real-time updates with data linking, no matter where you’ve inserted them. Link your data from any Google Sheets document to your Lucidchart diagram to automatically update your visuals—even those inserted into Slides, Docs, and Gmail—simply by refreshing your data.

5. Create presentations to gain stakeholder approval

Gain stakeholder approval and align your team with professionally designed presentations that let you display larger concepts and zero in on specific ideas. There are two ways that you can bring your visuals into Google Slides: First, using Presentation Mode, you can create and import your slides directly into Google Slides.

Now you can show off your project’s progress while guiding the conversation to keep your audience focused. Easily drag the slide to the appropriate size, zooming in and out on key components to break down your project step by step and quickly navigate between ideas. 

With the Google Slides add-on, you can also import entire diagrams into Slides to provide visual context alongside your ideas.

6. Visualize projects from start to finish to keep tasks on track

No matter the size or scale of your project, Lucidchart makes it easy to organize all of your documentation in one central location to visualize, plan, track, and communicate your goals. Maybe you need a product roadmap to see your project from start to finish or perhaps an ER diagram to visualize how your network is connected.

Use our Google Drive integration to store, sync, export, and share your Lucidchart documents where you’re already working. You can set up daily or weekly automatic file syncing and backups to ensure that your diagrams are always easily accessible.

7. Use additional Lucidchart integrations to keep everyone connected

Lucidchart is deeply integrated across many of today’s most popular applications, helping you stay connected with your team in the apps you already work with. Beyond Google Workspace, you can easily insert your visuals into Slack channels, Confluence wikis, Jira tickets, and more to ensure that your entire team has access to up-to-date visuals that they can view and comment on, so no one misses an update or action item.

It’s easy to get started

See your project through from start to finish when you take your work to the next level with seamless communication, visualization, and planning between individuals or across your entire team or organization. It’s quick, easy, and completely free.Try out our Lucidchart integrations for Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides to improve your team collaboration. 

Combine Lucidchart’s intuitive diagramming features with Google Workspace's powerful functionality and user-friendly interface.

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