Teamwork and collaboration

Learn how to come together as a team to do your best work—in the office or online.

  • Streamlining workflows: From collaborating to planning with the Lucidchart Zoho Cliq integration

    Integrating Lucidchart with Zoho Cliq allows teams to seamlessly transition from planning to execution. Learn more.


    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Lucidchart tips
  • 4 templates Lucidchart users love to collaborate on

    Explore our most-loved Lucidchart templates according to our Lucid Champions, and maybe even try them out on your team!  

  • 6 reasons to use Lucidchart instead of

    Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that offers a variety of data capabilities, whereas is only for basic diagramming needs.

  • Collaborating on diagrams in Lucidchart [+course]

    Explore an overview of the Collaborate on Diagrams Lucid training lab course, including what it covers, how it will benefit your team, and how to sign up.

  • 8 best practices for collaborating in Lucidchart

    Whether you are improving a process, creating an org chart, or trying to stay aligned with your team as you work remotely, Lucidchart is the place for effective visual collaboration.

  • How to create documentation your team will actually use

    Effective documentation can be a driving force behind better decision-making, clearer communication, and efficiency.

  • 5 keys to effective cross-functional collaboration

    Cross-functional collaboration brings multiple teams together from within your organization, working towards a shared goal. This enables teams to connect silos and overcome communication barriers. By creating agile, focused workplaces, teams are able to adapt to changes and address issues faster.

  • 14 remote team building ideas for the distributed office

    How can you bridge the virtual gap and bring your team together? Try these virtual team building games to increase trust, collaboration, and employee engagement from anywhere.

  • 5 ways to be transparent with your hybrid team

    In this article, we will explore the importance of transparency and five ways you can be more transparent with your hybrid team today.

  • 6 ways to improve cross-functional meetings

    In this blog post, we will explore six ways to improve cross-functional meetings.  

  • 3 challenges of managing a hybrid team and how to overcome them

    If you’re managing a hybrid team at your organization, here are three challenges you may face and the strategies you’ll need to overcome them.

  • A single source of truth: Why you need one for team processes

    In this blog post we will break down what a single source of truth is, how it works, and the benefits.

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