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  • Lucidchart template roundup: October 2023

    Lucidchart has thousands of templates for every use case. Let's dive into the new templates published in October 2023.


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    • Sales
  • How to determine ramp-up time for sales reps

    Streamline the ramp-up process for new hires. This blog breaks down a few methods for measuring ramp-up time and provides actionable tips for improving your sales onboarding processes. 


  • Resources to keep in your sales knowledge repository

    To help get you started building out your own knowledge library, we’ve put together a list of sales resources that you should include in your repository.


  • How to do a great product demo

    Product demos can combat any product-related concerns your customer might have, provide proof of your product’s effectiveness, and solidify your customer’s interest in your product. Here’s how to get it done.


  • 8 common time killers for sales engineers (and ways to win that time back)

    If you're a sales engineer in high demand, desperately trying to find more hours in the day, this is the post for you. Check out these 8 ways you can win back time in sales engineering.


  • How to improve the buyer experience: Post-sale

    Follow these tips to improve your buyer experience post-sale and meet customer expectations. Start with onboarding, align your sales and customer success teams, and build lasting relationships.


  • How to improve the buyer experience: Prospecting

    A buyer’s initial impression of your company can push a deal forward or end your chances before the deal’s really even started. Take a look at what you can do to nail the prospecting stage of the buyer experience.


  • Sales team collaboration: Removing the hidden barriers to closing deals

    Without internal unity, you’re left with a slower sales cycle, inefficient handoffs, frustrated customer interactions, and lost deals. Learn how to remove hidden barriers and improve sales team communication.

  • What an effective sales onboarding process looks like

    We've got the secrets to improve the sales onboarding process. Includes free resources!

  • Tips for mastering the discovery call

    A discovery call is a conversation held between a sales rep and a prospective client during the qualification process. Make the most of your discovery call with these strategies.


  • How to test your buyer experience, part 3: Post-sale

    As you test the post-sale stage of your buyer journey, use the following guidelines to evaluate customer success managers (CSMs) and account managers (AMs) and identify elements of the customer experience in need of improvement.


  • How to test your buyer experience, part 2: Closing

    Once an AE takes over a lead, your prospect has reached a crucial point of the buyer experience. It’s do or die. Learn how to test this part of your buyer's journey to ultimately close more deals.


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