Explore proven methods to improve process flows and optimize your org.

  • Org chart templates and examples

    Need to create an organizational chart to define roles and responsibilities within your group? Get started with these org chart templates and examples! You'll also learn how to create an org chart in Google Docs and how to automatically import org charts with Lucidchart.


    • HR
  • 6 Lucidchart templates perfect for large teams

    Check out these templates that Lucidchart users collaborate on with their large teams.  

  • How to make a career plan [+templates]

    Successful careers are often the result of planning. Here’s how you can make a career plan (plus some templates you get you started).   


  • How to design an org chart with new employees in mind [+course]

    Dive into a few tips for creating org charts in Lucidchart that set up new employees for success—plus register for a free course!  

  • 10 types of organizational structures (+ org charts for implementation)

    The typical org chart looks like a pyramid, but not every company functions along a hierarchical organizational structure. Let’s go through the 10 common types of org structures and reasons why you might consider each of them.


  • Using circular org charts to create a culture of collaboration

    Learn about circular org charts to help your company open up lines of communication and encourage collaboration.


  • Building your ideal HR tech stack

    Check out our guide to building your HR tech stack and selecting the best HR tools for your organization, beginning with building an understanding of the right tools for various HR tasks.


  • How to analyze pay equity in Lucidchart

    Learn how you can perform a pay equity analysis in Lucidchart. With our automated org chart features, HR teams and people managers can easily visualize the org, identify patterns, and zero in on inconsistencies.

  • How to help remote employees pursue professional development

    See some ways that people managers, People Ops, and HR departments can provide professional development and career opportunities for remote employees. 

  • 5 proven strategies for preventing employee burnout

    Explore these proven strategies to prevent burnout in the workplace, maintain growth, increase productivity, and meet changing employee needs.

  • Top 5 ways HR can evolve to be more agile

    HR may seem an unlikely candidate for an agile model—yet agility may just be the key to unlocking a more human approach to human resource management. Learn what agile HR is and five ways you can develop a more agile HR approach.


  • How to conduct a skills gap analysis

    Do you have employees with the right skills and experience to help your company reach its goals? And are you leveraging those skills effectively? Learn how to perform a skills gap analysis.

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