maintain visibility during digital transformation

6 Ways to Maintain Visibility During Your Digital Transformation

Marie-Reine Pugh

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Implementing a digital transformation will mean overhauling your organization’s existing processes and adjusting the culture to change the way your employees think as well as work. To execute your vision, you’ll need to keep a strategic viewpoint while also being able to make data-backed decisions.

Maintain visibility across your organization as you implement your digital transformation strategy with Lucidchart. With the proper roadmaps and visuals in place, you can ensure alignment and transparency so you can drive innovation and correct course if needed, without getting into the weeds.

1. Maintain visibility into existing infrastructure

Digital transformation will likely change the digital applications that your organization uses and offers. The cultural shift refocusing on responsiveness to users and growth through technology also means that those applications will need to continually adapt and adjust. You need to be able to easily monitor your infrastructure to ensure your network continues to support your digital initiatives.

Don’t get blindsided by poor customer reviews and flagging business performance. Instead, save time and be more efficient with data visualization. Easily drill down and identify where potential security risks or bottlenecks may be occurring with high-level current and future state network diagrams in Lucidchart. 

2. Never guess on the status of a project

The key to a successful digital transformation is effective monitoring. Stay in the know so your organization can stay aligned with its larger goals––without getting lost in the minutiae of project management. 

Use diagrams and visuals to understand team roles, responsibilities, and deadlines while also preventing costly siloes and missed opportunities. 

3. Solve problems before they occur

Users now expect seamless, lightning-fast service and product experiences. That doesn’t leave you with a wide margin for error, if any. More than ever before, you need to mitigate costly downtime, catch errors early, and keep your business running smoothly.

Lucidchart helps you see that the right network and IT processes are in place. Our visuals make it possible for you to stay above the fray, focus on strategy, but still get an overview of how IT teams are proactively supporting and maintaining your digital services so you can intervene quickly.

4. Automate workflows

Automated workflows cut out unnecessary manual steps that slow down innovation. While this certainly makes sense from an engineering standpoint, it also applies to more high-level analytical activities. Automate how your employees report their performance and how you monitor your digital strategy to put your entire organization in a position where you’re pulling ahead and creating value.

Rest assured that your employees are working efficiently by removing as much manual work as possible by auto-generating AWS diagrams or creating dashboards that link to CSVs. Watch your data auto-update in Lucidchart or in embedded Lucidchart diagrams in Atlassian products like Confluence and Jira.

5. Look at performance dashboards

With all the changes and new initiatives you’ll be launching, you’ll need to make sure you’re hitting your goals. You also need to be able to pivot and make changes quickly if you want to stay competitive in a landscape that’s constantly shifting and being disrupted. 

Derive insights from analytics to make informed decisions, and improve inefficiencies with Lucidchart’s dashboards. Our dynamic shapes allow you to monitor KPIs at a glance and build an agile culture that embraces change and encourages excellence.

With Lucidchart, your organization will be well on its way to achieving its digital transformation. Move forward with your digital transformation strategy with confidence backed by a clear understanding of where your business stands with our automated, data-driven visuals and diagrams. 

6. Securely centralize your documents and data

A digital transformation will occasion more data to manage, not only sensitive customer data but your own operational data. While centralizing your data gives you a better grasp of your business processes, doing so securely is paramount for rapid growth and for building and retaining customers’ trust. 

With Lucidchart’s administrator controls, you can grant full or partial access to documents, so employees have the information they need, and you don’t have to worry about the wrong person editing sensitive documents. 

Lucidchart also complies with data sovereignty rules and maintains compliance certifications, helping you keep your data private, safe, and secure as your organization grows. You’ll also have access to a dedicated enterprise support, data encryption, SSO, and more.

Visualize your digital transformation goals and more with Lucidchart.

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About the author

Marie-Reine Pugh works on finding diagramming solutions as a template specialist at Lucid. With a background in English, she is also fairly obsessed with all kinds of writing and storytelling. She spends her free time perusing books at her local library, watching movies, and baking.

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