why teams need to be agile in the Next Normal

Why teams need to be more agile in the "Next Normal"

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

See how Agile methodologies have prepared us for the future of work and why teams need to continue to embrace agile processes in the New and Next Normal. 

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how to edit your cloud diagram in Lucidchart Cloud Insights

How to edit and propose new cloud plans using Lucidchart Cloud Insights

Reading time: about 7 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Lucidchart Cloud Insights gives you everything that you need to plan and propose changes to your cloud architecture in real time. Here’s how.

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software development challenges

How to eliminate pain points of software design and architecture

Reading time: about 10 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

The process of software development can go smoothly or be fraught with problems. Use these best practices to reduce the risk of your project running over budget and out of scope. 

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effective resource management

A guide to effective resource management

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Effective resource management is a big part of ensuring your company’s success. Learn how to plan for, schedule, and allocate materials, equipment, tools, and people as needed to successfully complete projects.

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standardized work

Setting up standardized work and Lean manufacturing

Reading time: about 9 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Learn what the standardized work principle is, plus how documenting the procedures and ensuring that your employees are sufficiently trained will help your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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