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Build, edit, and share your decision tree online

  • decision tree maker

    Build and customize

    Calculating the risks, rewards, and monetary gains involved in your decisions just became easier with our intuitive decision tree creator. Whether you need to analyze the riskiness of an investment or you’d like to capture potential outcomes in a sequence of events, Lucidchart can help. Take advantage of straightforward templates and customizable formatting options to make your decision tree quickly and professionally. Organize events and outcomes by shape and color to achieve optimal comprehension.

  • tree diagram maker

    Visualize potential paths and analyze outcomes

    Unlike other decision tree generators, Lucidchart makes it simple to tailor your information in order to understand and visualize your choices. Use data linking to import your data sets seamlessly from a CSV, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet, then calculate each outcome’s probability by applying relevant formulas directly within Lucidchart. With clearly defined visuals and quantifiable conclusions, you’ll be able to weigh out decisions quickly and accurately.

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    Collaborate with stakeholders

    Include key players in the decision-making process with real-time collaboration—from anywhere, at any time. Work in the same document simultaneously or collect feedback from your team through in-product chat. Each change you make will be reflected immediately to ensure that everyone has access to up-to-date information at all times. Your team can add comments to highlight gaps in the thought process or give their opinions on the best decision to make.

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    Present and share

    Lucidchart makes it possible to share and publish your work across platforms in seconds. Send your decision tree to individual email addresses, generate a published link to embed on your site, or download your decision tree diagram. Share your work with customized permissions to prevent unwanted editing or send via your favorite applications, such as G Suite, Confluence, and Slack. Lucidchart runs uniformly on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, so you’ll never have to worry about your work being compromised.

How to make a decision tree diagram


Start the tree

Drag a rectangle shape onto the canvas near the left margin and enter the main idea or question that requires a decision.


Add nodes as outcomes

Use a circle shape to add nodes that display the name of each uncertain outcome. Add as many possibilities as you want with a minimum of two.


Draw lines as outcomes with estimated worth

Connect your main idea to primary nodes and to the nodes thereafter using lines. To these lines, you can add specific values and estimates of how much impact a particular outcome can cause.


Complete the decision tree and calculate the value

Once every question is connected to a chance event, insert a triangle at the end of the diagram to signify an outcome. Estimate the probability of each outcome and use the nodes and branch values to calculate final values.


Verify and use it or publish and share

Use real-time collaboration to get feedback from your team, or publish the diagram using Lucidchart’s easy sharing options.

FAQs about using our decision tree software

What are decision trees diagrams used for?

Decision tree diagrams are used to clarify strategy and estimate possible outcomes during any decision-making process. Beginning with a single node, they branch into probable outcomes, calculating the risks, costs, and benefits of each decision.

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Do you have any decision tree templates?

Yes! The template gallery in our editor offers several decision tree templates, which can help you create a decision tree online based on your costs and potential outcomes. In the editor, type “decision tree” in the template search and select from the examples provided.

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How do I get started on a decision tree in Lucidchart?

Lucidchart’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create decision trees from scratch. If you’re not sure where to begin, choose a template to customize. You can also import your data into Lucidchart from a spreadsheet, CSV, or Google Sheet.

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I added data to my decision tree. Can Lucidchart use this data to calculate potential outcomes?

Yes! Use formulas in Lucidchart to calculate more accurate outcomes. When applied, these formulas will automatically adjust potential costs or values as you branch out your decision tree.

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Make better decisions with our decision tree software

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