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Optimize your site’s structure with a sitemap creator

  • Create visual sitemaps to represent the structure of your website

    Create visual sitemaps to represent the structure of your website

    A visual sitemap can provide a valuable foundation for your website as you analyze your current or future website’s needs, determine page hierarchy, and optimize your site’s conversion potential. Our visual sitemap generator makes it easy to outline, understand, and improve your website’s user experience and readability by search engines. With features like hotspots and layers, Lucidchart lets you conveniently create current and future states of your site to identify gaps and suggest structural improvements before development work begins. 

  • Streamline sitemap creation with advanced tools

    Streamline sitemap creation with advanced tools

    Our sitemap generator includes intuitive features that streamline the mapping process to produce clean, professional results. Use hotkeys to quickly add branches to your sitemap, conditional formatting to color-code your pages and show page depth, and dedicated shapes with page symbols to clearly present your sitemap to others. In Lucidchart, you can even generate a sitemap from a text outline. Your sitemap will automatically adjust as it grows, so you can style and add content to your sitemap without worrying about crowded or messy visuals.

  • Present and share with stakeholders and clients

    Present and share with stakeholders and clients

    With a sitemap maker, you can effectively propose the website structure you envision without cumbersome spreadsheets or technical outlines. Get immediate feedback from collaborators in real time with @mention notifications, shape-specific comments, in-editor chat, and easy permission control. Use presentation mode to showcase your finalized sitemap to stakeholders or clients, publish your sitemap in a variety of image files, or insert your sitemap into popular apps like Google Workspace and Confluence.

  • Never lose your work in the cloud

    Never lose your work in the cloud

    Lucidchart is based in the cloud, giving you access to the latest version of your sitemap—whether you’re working from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Every edit and comment is updated in real time and recorded in a complete revision history, so you can keep track of what edits were made and who made them. With an online sitemap software, you never have to worry about lost work or starting over, even if your browser crashes mid-edit.

How to create a sitemap

  1. Open the sitemap shape library or select a template to start

    Open the sitemap shape library and begin dragging shapes onto your canvas, or select one of our sitemap templates to quickly get started on your diagram.

  2. Build an outline of your site structure

    When you add or select a sitemap shape, a pop-up menu will appear. From this menu, you can outline the structure of your sitemap, or simply use a hotkey to add new branches.

  3. Adjust your layout as needed

    It’s easy to click and drag pages within your outline to adjust your sitemap. You can also specify future or grouped pages and color-code shapes to show page depth or different types of content.

  4. Collaborate and review

    Generate links to share your sitemap with collaborators to ensure an accurate site structure. Everyone with access to your sitemap can leave comments within the editor.

  5. Present and share

    Use presentation mode to present your sitemap structure to stakeholders and clients. You can share your sitemap in a variety of formats and even insert it directly into any of our integrated apps.

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