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Lucidchart's sitemap creator provides an easy-to-use interface for drawing, editing, and sharing your sitemaps. Collaborate with team members to easily lay out the structure of your website.

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One-stop shop

Lucidchart provides the canvas to support the entire website planning process, from mind mapping to creating site maps to designing wireframes. There are niche products for each step, but Lucidchart brings them together into one powerful site map drawing software.

Work together

Clearly define project requirements early by inviting clients to collaborate on sitemaps. Lucidchart's collaboration allows you to build site maps with clients or members of the design team. Use the built-in group chat to discuss potential changes.

Interactive maps

With Lucidchart's sitemap creator, quickly make site maps that are interactive and link between pages. Since the sitemap serves as a guide for the overall structure of your website, interactivity will help you better organize the site's design and content.

Get started with templates and examples

Lucidchart offers free plans to get you started on your sitemap and web design. Paid plans offer additional features and functionalities that you can test through a free trial of any plan.

Other Lucidchart users have shared sitemap examples in the Community Library. If you're unsure how to best structure your sitemap, learn from the examples that have been shared.

For more general flowcharting needs, check out our diagram maker.