Visual Sitemap Generator

Lucidchart's sitemap creator provides an easy-to-use interface for drawing, editing, and sharing your sitemaps. Collaborate with team members to easily lay out the structure of your website.

Full Sitemap Shape Library

Lucidchart has the templates and examples you need to get started, plus a fully-stocked shape library to make any visual sitemap your own.

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Sitemap templates

Sitemaps and more

Lucidchart provides the canvas to support the entire website planning process, from mind mapping to creating visual sitemaps to designing wireframes. That’s not to mention flowcharts, mockups, floor plans, and other popular shape libraries.

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Collaboration at the speed of Lucid

Clearly define project requirements by inviting clients to collaborate on sitemaps. Lucidchart's collaboration allows you to make visual sitemaps with your team in real time. Try using the built-in group chat to discuss potential changes.

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Drag and Drop

Simple and easy to use

Lucidchart is designed to give you the power and the features you need without the software headaches you don’t. Just launch our editor and start creating today!

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Feature Highlights

Lucidchart’s smart features will give you professional diagrams done right, every time.

  • Drag and drop

    Simply powerful

    Lucidchart is intuitive yet powerful. Use drag-and-drop technology to arrange and adjust shapes however you need. You can even easily add more advanced elements, like making your interactive site maps link between pages.
  • Visio Import and Export

    Visio import/export

    No one likes to do their work twice. With Lucidchart, you don’t have to. We support Visio file import and export so you can access previously made diagrams, which lets you line up your work with colleagues who haven’t started using Lucidchart yet.
  • Google Drive

    Full integration

    Lucidchart brings the entire website planning process together into powerful sitemap drawing software. You can also work in sync with the best tools on the web by accessing our full integration with G Suite.
  • Share via print or digital

    Publish and present

    After you finish designing your sitemap, you can use Lucidchart to quickly publish and share it in a number of formats. Create a downloadable file or experiment with Lucidchart’s handy presentation mode to show off your work to your team.
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