Venn Diagram Templates from our Community

Making a Venn diagram in Lucidchart has never been easier. With loads of templates to choose from, you never have to start from scratch.

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2 circle Venn diagram template

The most basic of Venn diagrams is a 2 circle Venn diagram. You can quickly organize information into areas of similarity and exclusivity.

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3 circle Venn diagram template

Just one click will add extra space to your Venn diagram, creating a 3 circle diagram.

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4 circle Venn diagram template

4 circles is a commonly accepted limit for clear organization in a Venn diagram. This template will simplify even the most complex diagrams.

Other popular Venn diagram templates

We have provided a short list of other popular Venn diagram templates. These templates offer your choice of various layouts and color schemes.

Once you've started your trial, you will have access to the Venn diagram templates in the Community Library. Whether you're working on a tight deadline or simply need to map out some thoughts, our templates will help you create professional-looking diagrams in a flash.

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