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Word. Microsoft used this name for its leading word processor because that’s what the program handles best. But what happens when you want to go beyond words to get co-workers behind your ideas? You need Lucidchart, your ideal online tool for sharing your vision through Venn diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps, and more.

Lucidchart integrates with all of Microsoft Office, so you can quickly add your Venn diagram to any document. Check out how to create a Venn diagram in Word with our simple add-in.

Create your Venn diagram in Lucidchart

Venn diagrams help students and others recognize relationships between two, three, or even four sets of data. In some programs, you may find it difficult to align your circles or make transparent shapes to show intersections. Once you sign up for Lucidchart, you can create professional Venn diagrams with little hassle.

Start with one of the customizable Lucidchart templates below or choose a blank template.

2-set Venn diagram template 2-set Venn diagram template 4-set Venn diagram template
2-set template 3-set template 4-set template

In the templates, click each text box to detail differences and similarities between your sets of data. The place where multiple circles connect should contain traits that apply to all of those sets. Lucidchart allows you to change color, font, sizes, and other traits so that you can make your Venn diagram yours.

Install the add-in and insert Venn diagram in Word

Once you have finished your Venn diagram, you can transfer it into Word 2013, 2016, or Online in a few actions. To install the Lucidchart add-in for Microsoft Word:

  1. Click Insert > Apps for Office.
  2. Locate Lucidchart in the App Store.
  3. Click “Add.”

The exact commands may vary a little depending on the Microsoft Office version you use. From this point, a sidebar will appear. Sign into Lucidchart, and then you can add your Venn diagram by choosing your file and clicking “Insert.” If you created a diagram with multiple pages, use the arrows to select the page you would like to insert.

Now that you know how to make a Venn diagram in Word, you can visually compare and contrast all sorts of data, including epic stories like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (as shown below).

How have you used Venn diagrams? Let us know in the comments!

Harry Potter vs. LOTR Venn diagram