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Each floor plan template in Lucidchart makes for a great emergency planning aid. With a vast library of shapes and icons including the option to add your own, you can create a simple, clear exit plan in case of an emergency, no matter the space.

Home emergency plans

Having an emergency plan is an important thing for every household. But many floor plan tools lack intuitiveness and are difficult to use. Plus, they don't have built-in emergency plan features. Lucidchart lets you add any shape, including custom images you upload yourself. And it’s effortless to use!

home emergency floor plan

Office emergency plans

Need an emergency plan for your office? Lucidchart offers office floor plans as well, free of charge. You’ll find shapes for walls, desks, windows, doors, and more. Add text and lines to your floor plan to show an exit route or other important emergency details, like where fire extinguishers or flashlights are located.

emergency office exit plan

Other emergency floor plan aids

If you’re doing emergency planning, you’ll probably want to capture more than just an emergency floorplan. Luckily, Lucidchart also has great free flowchart templates that are perfect for describing emergency response processes or evacuation procedures. Build one to make sure you’re prepared for any situation.