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  • Visualize workflows and improve your business operations

    Visualize workflows and improve your business operations

    Establishing a business workflow ensures that your most important processes are completed the right way—every time. A workflow diagram provides a visual representation of your team’s processes, including a breakdown of individual tasks and ownership. Our workflow mapping software lets you easily create, maintain, and share workflows that help you improve current business operations, reduce operational expenses, and identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

  • Explore our templates to format and customize your workflow diagram

    Explore our templates to format and customize your workflow diagram

    Our intuitive editor makes it easy to create your workflow online, but if you’d like some inspiration, check out our extensive template library, which includes content marketing workflows, support process workflows, manufacturing workflows, and more. If you start with a template, you can customize lines, shapes, and fonts with our easy-to-use interface. Organize your diagram further using swimlanes and other containers to designate those responsible for each task or phase of the workflow.

  • Collaborate on your workflow whenever, wherever

    Collaborate on your workflow whenever, wherever

    Unlike other workflow design tools, real-time collaboration in Lucidchart promotes immediate buy-in and feedback from stakeholders. Comments and edits update automatically, so version control is never an issue when working in the same document with others. Our workflow diagram software is based in the cloud and works uniformly across Macs and PCs, allowing you to collaborate with all of your team members, no matter their location or device. 

  • Present and share your workflow diagram

    Present and share your workflow diagram

    Our in-editor presentation mode helps you present your workflow diagram with a professional finish. In a matter of clicks, create an interactive presentation to ensure your team is on the same page, present a high-level overview to executives, or focus on specific tasks or ideas with individual team members. Our online workflow software lets you easily share a live version of your document via email or auto-generate a published link, so you can send or embed your diagram wherever you need it.

  • Use Lucidchart integrations to stay connected to your work and your team

    Use Lucidchart integrations to stay connected to your work and your team

    Lucidchart’s powerful integrations help you leverage the apps your team has already invested in to access, edit, and share your diagrams. Use our add-ons for Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs to import your diagrams from our workflow generator directly into your Google documents. Microsoft users can take advantage of our free add-ins for Microsoft Office to insert workflow diagrams into text-heavy Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

How to create a workflow diagram online

  1. Determine the audience for this workflow diagram and the state you want to show

    Know who your workflow diagram is meant for and consider what state the workflow diagram should depict. You can choose to depict your current workflow process and/or a potential future process.

  2. Define the start and end points

    Initiate the workflow by adding a start symbol to a blank canvas or customizing the starting point in a Lucidchart workflow diagram template.

  3. Add steps and connect shapes

    Add a symbol for each step, using a line to connect it to the previous shape. Each line’s arrow should indicate the direction of the workflow.

  4. Format your workflow diagram to finalize

    Use conditional formatting to color-code steps or shapes, then add lanes and containers to group related steps together. Customize fonts, lines, colors, and more using the properties bar.

  5. Collaborate, analyze, improve, and share

    Collaborate with others in real time to stay on the same page, and then use presentation mode to showcase your workflow. Use one of our Lucidchart integrations to publish your work.

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