AoA network diagram example

This Activity on Arrow (AoA) network diagram template can help you:

  • Optimize the performance of tasks in a project.
  • Visualize the start and finish points of a project.
  • Design your own AoA diagram.

Open this template to view an AoA network diagram example that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
AoA network diagram example example

What is the AoA network diagram example?

The Activity on Arrow (AoA) network diagram is a project management tool used to visually map out various tasks and events, giving you a full picture of a project from start to finish. Use our AoA example template to study the outline of a network diagram or customize it to make it your own.

Benefits of using the AoA network diagram example

The AoA network diagram provides your team with a complete visualization of your project from beginning to end, ensuring that everyone is aligned on individual responsibilities, deadlines, and project requirements. Our example template is customizable to your unique use case, making it easy to draw inspiration and get started on your own design. You can even connect the AoA network diagram to existing data, so your visuals update in real time as information changes.

How to use the AoA network diagram example in Lucidchart

Here’s a step-by-step guide to customizing your AoA network diagram template:

  • To format shapes as you’d like, click on a shape and then click "Shape Options" on the properties bar at the top of the canvas.
  • Hover over a shape and click on any red circle to add lines, then drag them to a red circle on another shape to connect.
  • Add text to a line by double-clicking either the text or the line itself, then typing.
  • To format lines, click on a line and then use the properties bar at the top of the canvas to customize its color, thickness, and more.
  • To learn more about Lucidchart, click on the tutorial button to the right of the document.

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