Communication matrix

This communication matrix template can help you:

  • Identify the type of meetings to be held during the project.
  • Outline purpose, medium, frequence, and audience of the meetings.
  • Keep a project on track by knowing your communication strategy.

Open this template to view a detailed example of a communication matrix that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Communication matrix example

What is the communication matrix template in Lucidchart?

When you have multiple team members or even multiple teams working on a single project, you need tight coordination. Our communication matrix template can help. Use this matrix to keep all communication elements organized and everyone on the same page.

Benefits of using the communication matrix template

When you use this communication matrix, you’ll identify the type of meetings to hold during a project, along with those meetings’ purpose, frequency, audience, and medium (such as virtual or in-person). By outlining all these crucial details, you’ll be able to form a cohesive communication strategy for all stakeholders in your project, which helps keep the project as a whole on track.

The communication matrix template is easy to customize, no matter your industry, and it’s easy to share with anyone who needs it. It also updates in real time so that everyone who views it can access the latest information they need.

How to use the communication matrix in Lucidchart

The communication matrix template is already filled in with examples, so once you have an idea of what information you’d like to include, start modifying it. Select the table, then use the Advanced shape bar at the top of the canvas to add or delete rows and columns. You can also toggle the column and lane option on the Advanced shape bar to quickly adjust the table.

To add text to a cell, click on it and start typing. You can also merge or unmerge cells by selecting them, and then using the Advanced shape bar. To change cells’ colors, select the cells, then click Fill Color on the properties bar.

To learn more about tables and using Lucidchart, see the links to tutorials included on the right side of the document.

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