E-commerce website user flow example

Visualize a customer's experience and identify a website's structure and functionality with this e-commerce website user flow template.

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E-commerce website user flow example

What is the e-commerce website user flow example template?

Opening an online store feels much easier than opening a brick-and-mortar store—just upload some images, write a few descriptions, and then sit back and let the orders roll in.

In practice, however, an e-commerce website requires just as much (if not more) effort than a physical store. You’ll need to replicate the real-world experience for your customers, who expect more personalization and a better overall experience than ever before. Mismanaging your website flows could mean everything from reputation loss to cart abandonment, so it’s critical to get it right.

An e-commerce website user flow example allows you to visualize your customer’s experience from start to finish (including follow-up emails and text messaging). This example is commonly used by UX/UI designers, developers, product managers, marketing teams, CS teams, and others, and it can help everyone align on the part they play in the complex production of your website.

Benefits of using e-commerce website user flow example

  • Easily identify your website structure and functionality better to understand your customer’s experience on your site.
  • No more storing on one drive: The user flow is cloud-based and shareable with a click.
  • Allow everyone to visualize the site’s operation and flow so that it’s easily understandable by all teams.
  • There are many pages of an e-commerce website, but this user flow example gathers them all in one place and wrangles the info for you.
  • Even if your teams work in the office on different days (or work in different offices altogether), they can still be aligned.

How to use e-commerce website user flow example in Lucidchart

  1. Outline pages of your website.
  2. Map out all the paths a user could take.
  3. Use wireframe templates.
  4. Share through integrations with Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

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