Integration architecture example

This integration architecture example template can help you:

  • Show how the systems of two applications connect.
  • Identify the major applications used in your business processes.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues.

Open this template to view a detailed example of an integration architecture that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Integration architecture example example

What is the integration architecture example template?

An integration architecture diagram allows you to visualize the architecture of two applications as they integrate. Use our example template to inspire your visuals, or edit our template directly to give you a head start on your own integration architecture diagram.

Benefits of using the integration architecture example template

Use the integration architecture diagram to depict how the systems of two applications connect and function. Easily identify the major applications used in your business processes and break down individual details so you have a higher chance of success. Our collaborative features give you the tools to create and communicate with key stakeholders so your entire team always stays aligned.

How to use the integration architecture example template in Lucidchart

Here’s a step-by-step guide to linking data to your integration architecture diagram:

  • Update the data attached to the shapes by replacing it with your own or downloading the attached file as a CSV and making changes. You can also start from scratch by creating your own file.
  • Update the shapes’ text by selecting a shape and typing. To automatically add text by selecting a shape with data attached, click the “Context Panel” in the top right and, while on the “Data” tab, hover over the text you want to add. Text is data-linked when brackets appear as you hover over a shape’s text.
  • To learn more about linking data, conditional formatting, or Lucidchart in general, click the buttons to the right of the document.

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