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What is the problem-solution chart template?

The problem and solution chart template is a tool to help you identify and analyze problems. Once you know what the problem is, the template provides a structured way to find the best solutions.

Benefits of using the problem-solution chart template

Using this template, you’ll organize components of the problem and test possible solutions. Because you’re working through this in a structured way, you’ll have an easier time catching all the details, brainstorming possible ideas, and deciding on the best action to find a solution.

The template itself is easy to customize to whatever problems you need to find a solution for. It’s also easy to share—you can work on it with your team in real time to get help solving the problem.

Once complete, the template will serve as a single source of truth on the proposed solution, which helps everyone communicate clearly and stay aligned. This is especially helpful for hybrid teams that may not work the same hours or in the same location.

How to use the problem-solution chart template in Lucidchart

Open the problem and solution chart template and start customizing it to the specific problem you need to solve. If you’re including complex information, create a diagram key to help everyone understand what’s happening. You can also link important data to the template to ensure everyone has enough context.

As you work on the template, you can share it via Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or with another of Lucidchart’s many integrations. Once they’ve joined, your team members can comment and add notes for interactive problem-solving sessions. This allows everyone to contribute ideas, give feedback, and show their support for the best ideas. In the end, this leads to finding the best solution to your problem.

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