SAFe PI planning

This SAFe PI planning template can help you:

  • Organize thoughts and actions during PI planning.
  • Align teams across your organization.
  • Map out dependencies with different features.

Open this template and add content to customize this SAFe PI planning diagram to your use case.

Use this template
SAFe PI planning example

What is the SAFe PI planning template?

If your team hopes to harness scaled Agile framework (SAFe) to strengthen Agile principles and methods, you’ll need to get familiar with PI planning. SAFe uses program increment (PI) planning to synchronize, collaborate, and align teams across an organization. This PI planning typically occurs every 8-12 weeks and marks the beginning of a new program increment, a time-boxed planning interval in SAFe. It involves all members of the Agile release train, including teams, stakeholders, product owners, Scrum masters, and other key roles.

This SAFe PI planning template is great for anyone using the SAFe method and is especially good for Agile teams, product owners and managers, system architects and engineers, release train engineers, and business owners. It’s easy to use and understand.

Benefits of using the SAFe PI planning template

  • Organize thoughts and actions during PI planning for easy reference.
  • Create a single source of truth to align teams.
  • Map out dependencies with different features.
  • Customize easily according to your needs.
  • Share with a click and invite anyone anywhere to collaborate.
  • Clarify complex information for all team members.

How to use the SAFe PI planning template in Lucidchart

  1. Open the template and customize it with features, milestones, feature inputs, etc.
  2. Create a custom diagram key with shapes.
  3. Connect red lines to features to show dependencies across teams.
  4. Import data to make your template more dynamic.

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