Small company network diagram example

This small company network diagram template can help you:

  • Visualize the components of a basic network.
  • Understand the flow of information and interactions among network devices.
  • Design your own network diagram.

Open this template to view a small company network diagram example that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Small company network diagram example example

What is the small company network diagram example template?

While all networks are complex, the networks of small companies are very different than those of larger organizations. And that means most of the network diagramming solutions available just aren’t a good fit.

We can fix that: This network diagram was designed specifically for a small company. It’s an easy-to-use diagram that allows you to visualize the components of your network so you can understand the flow of information and how all of the elements interact.

Benefits of using the small company network diagram example template

There are many reasons to try this network diagram template for yourself!

  • See what’s in your network at a glance for easy monitoring.
  • Better understand what each component does for optimization and smoother upgrades.
  • Build a network that’s custom-designed for your needs as a small company.
  • Don’t start from scratch—save time and effort by modifying the example given.
  • Get feedback and use the template as a living document to align team members.

How to use the small company network diagram example template in Lucidchart

This network diagram template is easy to use in Lucidchart.

  1. To personalize, just drag and drop various network shapes onto the canvas.
  2. Search for shape names to find the correct shape faster (click on the magnifying glass in the top left corner).
  3. Add layers to your diagram to show current and future network architecture states.
  4. For more information on network diagrams or to create your own network diagram from scratch, click the buttons to the right of the document.

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