Weekly recruiting report example

This weekly recruiting report summary template can help you:

  • Highlights monthly metrics and KPIs for executives and high-level stakeholders.
  • Determine whether you are meeting your recruiting goals.
  • Use Lucidchart's dynamic shapes.

Open this template to view a detailed example of a weekly recruiting report summary that you can customize to your use case.

Use this template
Weekly recruiting report example example

What is the weekly recruiting report example?

A business’s most important asset is its people, so it can be daunting to acquire and manage those people. It’s also daunting having to report to stakeholders on the progress of everything from recruiting to training.

That’s why a weekly recruiting report is the HR department’s best friend: It’s a document that provides an overview of the recruitment activities and progress over a specific week. The goal is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of all recruitment efforts, allowing stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of the current strategies, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize the hiring process.

This type of report is commonly used by HR teams, talent acquisition teams, and recruiters to track key metrics, evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment strategies, and make data-driven decisions regarding future human resources efforts. An example of a weekly recruiting report you can customize with your own data takes the heavy lifting out of determining what should be included and sets a baseline for what stakeholders can expect from the report each week. The weekly recruiting report is crucial for maintaining transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Benefits of using the weekly recruiting report example

There are many reasons to consider using this template:

  • Highlights metrics and KPIs so that they are easily visible to executives and stakeholders.
  • Keeps you on track to meet your recruiting goals by addressing issues as they arise.
  • Helps you solicit feedback and share it with stakeholders easily.

How to use the weekly recruiting report template in Lucidchart

It’s easy to use this template in Lucidchart. First, create a custom dashboard. Then fill out the hiring process using dynamic shapes that adjust to the data. Share your report through integrations with Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

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