• iPad Visio Alternative

    Want to view and edit Microsoft Visio files on your iPad? As a web app that works seamlessly on the iPad, Lucidchart makes it easy to create, edit and view diagrams on the go.

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  • iPad Visio Viewer

    Easily import existing Visio files to view on your iPad. Lucidchart seamlessly imports VSD and VDX files, and can even export back to VDX. Viewing Visio files on the iPad has never been easier.

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No app to download

Lucidchart is built on HTML5 and web standards, meaning that you can use it from your laptop, iPad or any other device with ease. On the iPad, simply launch the mobile browser and start diagramming. Lucidchart brings a familiar style and design that iPad users quickly grasp.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your colleagues at the same time. You can be on your iPad, with another co-worker on a MacBook, with still another on a PC. The app just works, making it easy to focus on your diagrams. With this collaboration, Lucidchart helps make the iPad a first-class citizen in the workplace.

Full Visio compatibility

With an increasing number of companies adopting iPads and other tablets, there needs to be a simple way for employees to migrate existing Visio files. Lucidchart provides that mechanism with ease. Import native Visio files (.vsd) and import/export the XML format (.vdx) as well.