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Lucidchart Now Supports Team Folders

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Lucidchart was built for collaboration. Now, it’s easier than ever for Enterprise users to get organized and stay organized with the new Team Folders feature.

What is the Team Folders feature?

Team Folders is a new, Enterprise-only feature in Lucidchart. It enables Enterprise teams to store documents in one location so that documents can be better organized and accessible to all team members.

The Team Folders feature is similar to the Shared Folders feature, in that they both help fuel collaborative work, yet the two are different when it comes to who actually maintains control of the folder:

  • Team Folders: Folders are managed by the team but are not “owned” by a single team member. Instead, they belong to the parent Enterprise account.
  • Shared Folders: Folders are owned by individuals and can be shared with collaborators.

Now, you can do even more with the Team Folders feature:

  • Team members can set restrictions on who can access and edit Team Folders and the corresponding documents.
  • Any team member with editing and sharing permissions for a Team Folder can add or remove other collaborators and manage (add, delete, edit, or share) documents and folders within the Team Folder.
  • If you drag a document outside of a Team Folder and into your personal documents, then you become the new document owner, overriding the previous Team Folder permissions. However, if you share an individual document with a collaborator, then your collaborator will maintain access to that document, even if the document is dragged out of or into a Team Folder.
  • Team Folders can be made accessible to all team members, or you can restrict access to a Team Folder to a subset of team members.
Team folder creation setup
During setup, you can opt to only allow admins to create Team Folders

How do Team Folders benefit my organization?

The Team Folders feature reinforces the collaborative nature of Lucidchart, while simplifying and easing the stress of managing multiple documents and multiple team members. Adjustable access settings make it easy to organize work for different projects or teams while you:

  • Better manage document ownership: Don’t let changes set your team back. Because Team Folders are owned by the account rather than individual team members, you won’t have to worry about losing access to essential documentation even when team members move on or are pulled onto other projects. All documents stay within the organization.
  • Keep your work organized: Team Folders make it easier than ever to find and store your documents in Lucidchart. With this feature, you can group documents by project or by team, and through our advanced search capability, team members can find all relevant documentation in one centralized location. No more wasted time digging through files
  • Facilitate better collaboration across your team: With Team Folders, you can easily provide access to those who need it and restrict those who don’t. Users with edit and share permissions can add, delete, or manage documents within the Team Folder and invite additional team members, so they can collaborate on processes and documentation related to their work.
Restricted team folders access
What users will see if they are restricted from creating Team Folders

How do you use Team Folders?

Make ideas, information, and processes more readily available to your team members. If you have an Enterprise account with Lucidchart, getting started is easy. You simply need editing and sharing permission for the Team Folder to add or remove collaborators.

Admin team folder setup
The default setting during setup will allow all users to create Team Folders

How to turn on Team Folders from the admin panel

Admins have two ways they can manage Team Folders:

  1. Turn them on so anyone in the org can create a Team Folder.
  2. Turn them on so only admins can create Team Folders.

To invite other team members to collaborate in your Team Folder, simply right-click on the Team Folder or any document within the Team Folder and select “Share.”

If you're an existing Enterprise-admin, click here to select your preferred creation settings. Get your team set up with Team Folders, and start collaborating today.

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