Product development

Learn how to efficiently manage every stage of product development—from start to success.

  • What are software anti-patterns?

    In this article, we describe several anti-patterns, explain what causes them, and outline steps to avoid them.  


    • IT and Engineering
    • Product development
  • Digital transformation trends for the Next Normal

    Let's start by looking at how digital transformation has become even more essential during the pandemic.

  • How to design software to fail

    In this article, we’ll walk through how to design your software to fail.

  • Introduction to domain-driven design

    In this article, we’ll cover what domain-driven design is and why you should consider it as an approach for your own software development.

  • 20 years in, the Agile Manifesto revolution continues

    20 years ago, a group of professionals met at a ski resort and ushered in a revolutionary approach to software development and project management. We look back at the Agile Manifesto and lessons from it that still apply today.

  • How to eliminate pain points of software design and architecture

    The process of software development can go smoothly or be fraught with problems. Use these best practices to reduce the risk of your project running over budget and out of scope. 

  • The secret to handling development teams who dislike Scrum

    Do you work with developers who hate Scrum? Learn how to approach potential issues with Scrum in the right way to bring your projects back on track.

  • How to release software faster without compromising quality

    Releasing software forces companies to make a difficult choice between quality vs. speed. See our software release strategies to get the best of both worlds.

  • How to release software quickly in Lucidchart

    See our tips and tricks for using Lucidchart to release software faster, from planning your release schedule to documenting code.

  • Product management tools: Find the right software to build your product stack

    See the best product management tools to help you and your team be more agile and get your products to market quickly.

  • Best practices for designer to developer handoffs

    See the common mistakes that designers and developers make during handoffs and working together and best practices to improve this handoff process.

  • How to align product strategy with company goals as your organization scales

    Take a look at why it's important to align product strategy with company goals to ensure your product roadmap and your company vision don't end up miles apart. 

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