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Want to achieve better alignment and efficiency with your Lucidchart diagrams? Look no further! Customizing your diagrams will help you and your team be more aligned and visualize your processes, systems, and people the way you need to.

In this article, we’ll explore key topics from the Lucidchart course, “Customizing Your Diagrams” so you can increase synergy on your team and make the most of your documentation.

Custom shape libraries

Custom shape libraries can help you make your documents more consistent. They’re easy to create and can help you:

  • Add legends and collections to quickly create diagrams

  • Import images or logos for consistent branding

  • Simplify diagram creation for your team

Custom templates

Using custom Lucidchart templates allows you to set up your document with specific shapes, layouts, and document settings so you can easily create the diagrams you use most. Custom templates help to build standardization so you don’t have to start at square one every time you want to create a document.

Here are a few tips to set up your document for success.

  • Setup: Create a new document where you can add your most-used shapes. Then, name the document something that explains what the template will be used for. Check your page settings to adjust the details like color and size.

  • Lock your shapes: Lock items in your document so that anyone who uses the template will have consistency. Locked items will not be able to be changed by others.

  • Convert: Now it’s time to convert your document to a template. First, you’ll need to select a category for your template, add a description, and check over locked items. 

Creating cohesion

Once you have created your template, you may want to make changes from time to time. Let’s take a look at how to create cohesion and organization with your custom templates.

After a template is made,  you will use it to create new documents. It is important to note that any changes made will not change documents retroactively.

Once you’ve created a template, we recommend you share your document with other collaborators via a secure link or email. You can also move the template from your “My Documents” section to “Team Folders,” allowing everyone on your team to have easy access to your template.

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