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How Lucidites Use Lucidchart: Diagrams for People Operations

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If you’ve been following the posts in this series, you may have gathered that we have a lot of talented people working at Lucid Software, and we have been adding more and more talent each week. How do we keep up?

Thankfully, we have a league of superheroes—also known as the administrative team—to ensure that employees feel comfortable as soon as they start and have everything they need to complete amazing work. Many Lucidchart diagrams help this team during the onboarding process. Take a look at some examples, and learn how diagramming could improve processes and materials within your own Administrative, HR, or People Operations department.

Onboarding process map

As you can imagine, there are a lot of steps taken to prepare for a new employee. You need to send the appropriate paperwork, set up a workspace, schedule welcome meetings, etc. And on top of that, you want to make the employee feel more comfortable by limiting the number of people contacting him or her.

To remind everyone who handles which tasks, Shaina Adami, Sr. People Operations Specialist, mapped out the entire onboarding process using swim lanes. We’ve shown part of this diagram below, and you can click the image for the whole workflow.

new hire onboarding process

Take a look at the full diagram.

Organizational chart

On our blog, we’ve previously discussed different types of organizational charts and the importance of making them available for reference. Our administrative team sends the Lucid Software org chart to employees right away so they understand where they fit and what roles other employees fill.

An org chart that lives in Lucidchart has been ideal for a company growing as fast as ours. Most employees have view-only access to the live document, so they can immediately see when someone from the administrative team makes changes. Build your own organizational chart with the template below.

organizational chart template 

Floor plan

We have 2 floors and 22 conference rooms in our current office building. At least for the first few weeks of working at Lucid Software, you’d likely need some direction when heading toward Rivendell, Jakku, or another themed room for a meeting. Bring on the floor plan.

Floor plan shapes in Lucidchart made it easy to reconstruct our office digitally. Learn how to put together your own.

Lucid Software floor plan

Team roles mind map

The administrative team has always been available to help Lucid employees, but since that team has grown, it was becoming difficult for people, especially new employees, to know the right person to ask about performance reviews or the person who could take care of a payroll issue (or were they one and the same?).

Teija Springman, Director of People Operations, created the mind map below to show the entire company to whom they can turn for certain questions. With our Atlassian integration, Teija added the mind map to a Confluence wiki for future reference, and it will update any time Teija makes changes in Lucidchart.

administrative team mind map

Note: The names on this diagram have been changed. Our administrative team doesn’t actually include the members of Fifth Harmony and Spice Girls, though the actual team members are just as talented. Trust me.

Whether employees need to know where a colleague sits or which person to order business cards from, Lucidchart allows you to answer questions quickly with a visual.

If you haven't tried out our diagramming tool, start your free trial today and see what you're missing!

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