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Now there's an even easier way to build an ERD from your Salesforce data: Import your schema directly into Lucidchart. Learn more about this feature.

If you are a Salesforce consultant, chances are you know all about ER diagrams. Although they may be the best method for visualizing your clients’ Salesforce data model, making them from scratch is a mundane and time-consuming task. Salesforce’s native Schema Builder will create one for you, but if you want to modify it to make proposals for your client, you’re out of luck.

Until now.

Your new favorite app is called SchemaPuker. Salesforce consultant extraordinaire Michael Wheeler developed this app to take advantage of Salesforce’s Metadata API, the Heroku Cloud Application Platform, and Lucidchart’s ERD import tool, saving you time and a headache. Here’s how it works.

When you open SchemaPuker and click “Login,” you are taken directly to the Salesforce login page. After entering your credentials, SchemaPuker can access metadata to recreate your Salesforce schema though, for your security, it cannot read any files or client information. You can then decide which objects you want SchemaPuker to include in your schema. These objects will be formatted as a PostgreSQL output that you can copy and paste or save and import directly into Lucidchart to produce a fully automated ER diagram.

Schema Puker 2

That’s it.

You are now free to carry on with the job you were hired to do: designing a better system for your clients. In Lucidchart, it’s simple to add new objects and adjust processes as you propose changes to an existing system. Real-time editing, commenting features, and @mention notifications make it easy to solicit feedback and collaborate with your stakeholders as needed.

schema puker and lucidchart

For a Salesforce consultant, Lucidchart and SchemaPuker are the perfect marriage of utility and sophistication, like a PB&J with the crusts cut off. As compared to making ER diagrams yourself or using Schema Builder, the Lucidchart + SchemaPuker system provides the following advantages:

  • You are able to produce an automated ER diagram that you can also edit.
  • You do not have to install an app within your client’s Salesforce instance.
  • Your clients do not have to give you their Salesforce login credentials if they don’t want to. All of the information you need can be quickly compiled while they look over your shoulder.
  • SchemaPuker only uses metadata. It does not read files or download client information.
  • No data is stored in Heroku.

Lucidchart and SchemaPuker together are a winning combination for both you and your clients. Their accounts remain secure while you are able to save time and quickly propose the improvements they want. Even better, both Lucidchart and SchemaPuker are free! Give them both a try today.