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Visualize your ancestry with our family tree generator

  • family tree creator

    Discover family history with an intuitive family tree builder

    A family tree chart can serve as an important resource, connecting present and past generations in a meaningful, visually organized manner. Our intuitive family tree creator allows you to easily build thorough and ordered family trees that shed light on the people, places, and events that make up your family history. Whether for historical reference, a class project, or to share at the next family reunion, Lucidchart is your family tree builder solution for illustrating any ancestry.

  • family tree generator

    Use templates and data import features to make a family tree rapidly

    It’s simple to make relationship charts from scratch in Lucidchart, and our data import features and customizable family tree templates help make family charting even faster to build and easier to maintain. Drag and drop shapes onto the canvas or begin with a template to make genealogy tree charts as unique and intricate as your own ancestry. Link a spreadsheet with your family data to automatically create a family tree chart connecting all your designated relationships across generations. With data linking, our family tree generator makes it simple to update specific information in your data set for any family member, like dates, locations, and images, all directly within Lucidchart to then refresh your family tree chart automatically. Visualizing your genealogy is now quicker and easier to do with Lucidchart's family tree maker online.

  • online family tree maker

    Collaborate with family members

    Compile your family history and work on the same family tree diagram with others at the same time in Lucidchart. No matter the device or time zone, your collaborators can work in the same document while seeing any changes made to your family tree online in real-time. Use our commenting feature to notify everyone or ping individuals on any specific area of your shared family tree chart to get their input. With all of our dynamic sharing options and built-in integrations with leading applications, Lucidchart provides a variety of options for sharing and collaborating on your diagrams with anyone you designate to view, suggest, or edit.

  • family tree chart maker

    Your family tree maker with presentation mode

    Present your family tree chart conveniently in the classroom or at a family gathering using presentation mode. Once you’ve built your tree chart, our easy-to-use presentation mode makes it effortless to create slides and showcase the relationships and connections of your family history without ever leaving Lucidchart. At the click of a button, you can display your family tree chart in full and then deep dive into specific family members and branches to showcase the journey of your ancestors from past beginnings to the present in a stunning visual arrangement.

How to make a family tree online using Lucidchart

  1. Gather information

    Research your ancestry and organize your family history research to be added into your family tree. Include specific information for each person, like names, dates, pictures, and geographic locations.

  2. Start from scratch or choose a family tree template to modify

    Customize a family tree template or create your own family tree by dragging shapes onto the canvas for each family member. Click the shapes to add or modify text and information displayed for each family member.

  3. Use lines to show connections between family members

    Use lines and text to depict connections between family members as you build out generations. You can format the overall styles, colors, thickness, and end points of your lines to designate different types of relationships.

  4. Collaborate with family members

    Fill in historical gaps and ensure your family tree is accurate by collaborating with other family members. They can leave comments or edit the diagram in real time for immediate feedback.

  5. Share and present your family tree

    Give your family members a chance to reflect on their genealogy by sharing your family tree chart via email or published link, or even embed it on the family website for widespread viewing.

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Visualize your ancestry with Lucidchart

family tree maker

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