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Creating a network diagram is painless with Lucidchart's online network diagram software. Never purchase an expensive Visio license again!

Network shape library

network diagram online

Access an extensive library with hundreds of network diagram examples. From firewalls to hubs and routers, we have shapes for your whole network.

Network diagrams and more

Once you finish your network diagram, you can use Lucidchart for your next project, whatever it may be. Our app includes a flow chart creator, as well as shapes for wireframes, mind maps, and much more. It’s all part of the program with Lucidchart.

Network diagram tool

Seamless collaboration

Lucidchart's real-time collaboration eliminates the need to merge different versions or to send a document back and forth. Others can join you on the document and chat with you right in the editor.

network diagram software

User friendly

You have too much on your plate to have to wrestle with clunky software. Lucidchart is sleek and intuitive. Use the drag-and-drop editor to start diagramming now.

network diagram online

Feature Highlights

Lucidchart lets you create complex technical diagrams without the hassle. We have all the network diagram tools you need.

Drag and drop

Diagrams made easy

You can drag our shapes out onto the canvas and drop them right where you need them. Follow one of our many example templates, or make a completely unique diagram by easily adding your own images and fonts.

Visio Import and Export

Visio import/export

There’s no need to worry if you have diagrams in Visio or need to transfer your Lucidchart diagrams to Visio for a co-worker. Our Visio import and export experience is seamless, so you won’t have to do any more work than you need to.

Google Drive

Fully integrated

Once you start using Lucidchart, you can access it right from your Google Apps productivity suite and use the same login you use for Google. You can even insert your diagrams directly into Google Docs and sync your files with Google Drive.

Share via print or digital

Publish and share

If your network diagram is private, try using Lucidchart’s features to quickly publish and share it. Embed your diagrams on a webpage, publish them as PDFs, or share them via Google Drive.

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