• Free circuit diagram software

    Lucidchart is the best way to create free circuit diagrams and schematics online. No matter which operating system or browser you prefer, Lucidchart remains compatible and simple to use.

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  • Superior technology

    Making circuit diagrams is simpler than it seems. Lucidchart uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so it's easy to rearrange wiring and electrical components until they’re just right.

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Work online

It no longer makes sense to draw circuit diagrams the old-fashioned way. Unlike pen and paper, an online application like Lucidchart allows you to easily switch out components, import your own shapes and images, and label each part. You’ll be impressed with how natural it feels to draw your circuit diagrams.

Perfect for teams

For the utmost security, all documents are private by default. However, that doesn’t mean that sharing is difficult. With a few clicks, you can share docs with an unlimited number of collaborators. Grant them commenting, editing, or ownership roles as you see fit, and work together in real-time.

Extensive shape library

The circuit diagram library in Lucidchart is packed with the most highly-requested shapes in the electrical engineering world, including relays, logic gates, transistors, power sources, and more. Lucidchart is also ideal for making P&IDs, rack diagrams, network diagrams, and even floor plans.

Easy to use

When looking for a circuit diagram tool or schematic drawing software, you have plenty of options. But we believe Lucidchart is the clear winner for several reasons. Lucidchart is continually improved by a team of talented engineers, so users receive new features and helpful updates on a regular basis. We offer free accounts for individuals, along with free educational accounts and affordable team licenses. Finally, our software offers a modern, streamlined interface that’s easy to use and ideal for professional environments.

Benefits of the cloud

Choose Lucidchart for circuit diagrams and you’ll receive the perks of online document creation: while you diagram, everything is saved every few seconds. This enables seamless real-time collaboration with anyone across the globe. It’s also easy to access work from any device, operating system, or modern browser.