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UML Tutorial

If you're new to UML, our UML tutorial can get you on the right path. Learn more about what The Unified Modeling Language is, what it does, and why it's important.

What is UML?

What is UML? Read our guide to learn all the answers, including which diagrams are made with The Unified Modeling Language and how UML was created.

UML Diagram Examples

This page provides a library of UML diagram examples, including those for use case, sequence, activity, component, deployment, object, state, and class diagrams.

UML Activity Diagrams

Learn more about UML activity diagrams, including what they are, how they’re used, and what those symbols actually mean. If you’re new to activity diagrams, this page is the ideal starting point.

UML Use Case Diagrams

Use case diagrams are perfect for depicting relationships within a system. This page is a compilation of helpful resources, including guides on how to draw use case diagrams and examples of use case charts.

UML Class Diagrams

UML class diagrams are integral to diagramming a system. Learn the ins and outs of class diagrams from this page, including how to draw a class diagram and the definition of a UML class diagram.

UML Sequence Diagrams

Sequence diagrams show how a process changes over time. Learn more about what they are and how to create your own UML sequence diagram with Lucidchart.

UML Component Diagrams

Learn more about UML component diagrams, which show the setup of larger components or systems. This page offers a component diagram tutorial and plenty of diagram templates.

UML Deployment Diagrams

Deployment diagrams are valuable tools for anyone dealing with IT or technology, whether at school or work. This page will teach you more about UML deployment diagrams and how to create them.

UML Object Diagrams

UML object diagrams are ideal for presenting high-level overviews of a system. Learn more about when and how to use object diagrams by checking out this guide.

UML State Diagrams

Learn all about state diagrams with this collection of resources. Included are diagram examples, a UML state diagram tutorial, and a guide to the basics of state diagrams.

UML Timing Diagram Tutorial

Looking for a quick and easy UML timing diagram tutorial? This step-by-step guide will show you how to create this type of UML chart.

UML Communication Diagram Tutorial

Do you need to make a UML communication diagram for work or school? This helpful tutorial will guide you through the process of building a communication chart.