SiriusDecisions Research Brief:

Building the Complete B-to-B Account Profile

Building the Complete B-to-B Account Profile

If you’re in B-to-B sales, every deal you’re managing is complex. And because deals involve multiple decision-makers and large buying committees, you have to become a pro at managing relationships to keep your momentum throughout the long buying cycle.

Having a full understanding of the company/account is the key to success, but traditional account profiles that focus on general business trends, financial reports, and macro-level business goals aren’t specific enough to be immediately useful.

Building a visual B-to-B account profile helps you keep all of the key relationships straight and your entire team on the same page. Mapping out complete profiles target buying centers and the contacts they contain to help you—the seller—define and prioritize actions.

Download this research brief by SiriusDecisions that outlines the key components of what every B-to-B account profile should include and learn why you should create one for every account you’re working.

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