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Communication Barriers in the Modern Workplace

Stop dealing with the fallout of poor communication

Even with email, video messaging, and hundreds of other apps at our disposal, communication still breaks down at work—with far-reaching effects on your company.

Cutting-edge research from The Economist Intelligence Unit reveals that 86% of senior executives, managers, and junior staff at US companies experience communication breakdowns that lead to losses in productivity, missed project deadlines, and sales deals that don’t close.

Download this report to discover the causes of communication breakdowns in the modern workplace—it’s the first step toward solving these problems at your organization.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How poor communication affects productivity and the bottom line (it’s more than you’d think!)
  • How generation gaps impact communication methods
  • How seniority and employee hierarchy factors into communication breakdowns
  • Which communication tools employees use the most
  • Which communication tools employees find most effective

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