Spider diagram

This spider diagram template can help you:

  • Visualize thoughts, a topic or a theme.
  • Process information more efficiently.
- Create ideas centered around a certain topic.

Open this template and add content to customize this spider diagram to your use case.

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Spider diagram example

What is the Spider diagram template?

If you ever need to get a bunch of thoughts out of your head, a spider diagram can help. This is a basic diagram similar to a mind map in that it helps you organize your thoughts visually. You start with a central topic, then add subtopics and details that branch off of the main topic. Sometimes the end result looks something like a spider, hence the name.

Benefits of using the Spider diagram template

Spider diagrams, or spider charts, are a way to visually organize your thoughts. You can use them for brainstorming ideas, understanding complex topics, or planning something that includes a lot of details. Basically, if you need to sort information in your head that’s centered around a specific topic, a spider diagram can help.

Because spider diagrams are visual, they can also help you process information more efficiently. You’ll see and analyze everything at a glance to make more informed decisions, faster.

How to use the Spider diagram template in Lucidchart

To begin your spider diagram, drag and drop the shapes you want from the toolbox onto the canvas. To find a specific shape faster, you can search for it — just click the magnifying glass on the top left corner of the toolbox. After, add text and draw connecting lines to show which thoughts are connected and how.

You can add layers to your spider chart to build different levels or show different phases. This will make your diagram more detailed without it getting cluttered or unreadable.

When your diagram is finished, Lucidchart’s integrations will help you share it easily. Popular platforms like Slack, Google, Microsoft, or Salesforce allow you to insert your spider diagram into documents or share it with your team.

To see examples of similar diagrams, or if you want more basic Lucidchart templates, take a look at the buttons on the right side of the document.

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