Use Case Diagram for ATM System (UML)

Use case diagram for ATM system (UML)

At the most basic level, a use case diagram represents users' interactions with a system. To better understand this process, use Lucidchart to draw up a handy chart. This one represents a use case diagram for ATM system.

Make your own use case diagram by clicking the examples below. Our application has a robust UML shape library and intuitive controls. In minutes, you'll have a use case diagram that's ready to share!

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UML Use Case Diagram for ATM System

If you've ever interacted with an automated teller machine, you know how important it is to have a seamless experience. In UML, the process of receiving money from an ATM can be represented as a use case, with actor symbols that represent the various users or outside entities that interact with the system. To make a use case diagram in Lucidchart, you'll simply drag and drop elements onto the canvas and rearrange as necessary. Check out the examples below for inspiration!

ATM System Use Case Diagram Template

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UML use case diagram for ATM system

More Use Case Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Use case diagrams are a great way for your team to represent scenarios where your system or application interacts with outside entities. A use case diagram can also model goals for the actors and express the full scope of the system. To make sure your engineering and management staff are on the same page, use Lucidchart. With easy sharing options and an intuitive interface, you can mock up extensive use case diagrams in minutes. In addition to the use case diagram for ATM system (UML) above, the templates below can offer inspiration!

Use case diagram examples

Grocery shopping use case diagram example

Open this example to see a simple chart that demonstrates the interaction between system components and users of an online grocery store. You'll learn how a user chooses items and makes a payment.

UML use case diagram template for website systems

Website use case diagram example

This customizable template models some of the steps involved when a user accesses a website. From logging in to downloading documents, find out how basic processes are executed. One click lets you share your chart online.

UML use case diagram template for event planning

Event planning use case diagram example

Click this example to view a use case diagram of an event plan. A chart like this one is perfect for organizing a team of people and communicating the expected outcome.

Lucidchart is ideal for UML use case diagrams, whether they show an ATM system or the nuances of hotel management. Use our drag-and-drop interface to create your chart, then export it to a variety of file formats.

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