Use Case Diagram for Hotel Management System (UML)

Use case diagram

Use case diagrams are used by businesses, freelancers, and students to describe the users of a given system. To get started, try the examples on this page.

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UML Use Case Diagram for Hotel Management System

This diagram template is simple yet easy to understand. You can see each user—known as an a actor—along with the roles they play in the use case. For example, a hotel guest does many things, from searching for a hotel room to checking in at the front desk. Charts like this one can make even complex systems operate in a more streamlined fashion. Lucidchart has standard UML shapes for easy building and rearranging of UML diagrams. Start with the examples below!

Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram Example

UML use case diagram for hotel management system

More Use Case Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Use case diagrams are well-suited to a few different situations. They're usually used to represent a scenario where your system or application interacts with outside users. Use case diagrams can also help specify the context and requirements of a system or model the basic flow of events in a use case. To get your entire team on the same page, try building use case diagrams and sharing them with a single click. Lucidchart makes it easy to collaborate in real-time and publish to any format. The example above—a use case diagram for hotel management system (UML)—and the templates below can get you started.

Use case diagram examples for banking

Banking system use case diagram example

Click this example for a simple representation of banking roles. To fulfill critical goals, certain individuals interact with each other; namely customers, tellers, and managers. Add more shapes by dragging and dropping.

See our banking system use case diagram example in full here.

Use case diagram examples

Website use case diagram example

This use case template is a great starting point for modelling all the interactions within a website for user flow and the webmaster. Start charting your processes involved, from logging into the site to searching through archived files.

Use case diagram examples

Event planning use case diagram example

Whether you're organizing a family reunion or a corporate retreat, it's important to know who is doing what. A use case diagram is perfect for this scenario; you can chart out the whole process in a single doc.

If you need to build and share any type of diagram, Lucidchart is an ideal choice. Our full-featured editor lets you work from a template, import images, and collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

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