Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System (UML)

Use case diagram for online shopping system (UML)

A use case diagram is ideal for representing user interactions with a system. It can also help you identity and define the requirements of a system. To better understand use cases, try out the template below.

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UML Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System

When done right, online shopping is a better experience than going to the store in person! But when it's handled poorly, online shopping can result in unhappy customers and unprofitable merchants. Try a use case diagram to delve into your online store's system and learn more about user interactions. You can create an easy-to-read use case diagram in Lucidchart; just open the example below or start a document from scratch. We hope the templates on this page will inspire you!

Online Shopping System Use Case Diagram Template

UML use case diagram for online shopping system

More Use Case Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Use case diagrams are surprisingly simple to create and understand. A use case diagram is meant to depict a high-level view of the relationship between systems, use cases, and actors. Keep in mind that use case diagrams shouldn't go into too much detail; for example, they won't explain the order in which steps are performed. Our UML-specific shapes are ideal for any UML diagram; with specialized connectors, you can model nearly any situation or system. Try it and see for yourself.

ATM system UML use case diagram examples

ATM use case diagram example

An ATM use case is one of the most common ways to demonstrate how a use case functions. See which actors are involved in the process of getting you cash on the go.

See our ATM system use case diagram example in full here.

website UML use case diagram examples

Website use case diagram example

Click this template for a model of basic website interactions. You'll learn how a website system, website user, and webmaster work together to update and transfer information online.

grocery shopping UML use case diagram examples

Grocery shopping use case diagram example

Open this example to see a snippet of the online grocery shopping experience. This chart represents the interaction between system elements and the human shopper.

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