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We’re past the days where schools only need to teach reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. To prepare students for this digital age, many educators apply technology wherever they can in the classroom.

Lucidchart is the perfect companion to your BYOD or 1:1 initiative. Our diagramming tool reinforces your classroom material because it enables students to visualize the concepts they’ve been learning. Students can collaborate in real time to complete a project, and because Lucidchart offers an intuitive editor, it’s even easy for younger students to use.

And now, we’ve made it even easier to apply Lucidchart in your classroom. Christie Madsen, a former elementary and middle school teacher turned Head of Business Development for EDU at Lucid Software, has created lesson plans to help your students think visually about English, science, and math. Download all five below!

ENGLISH (Grades 4-6): Short Story Timeline

Your students will learn about situational irony and the way authors create an element of surprise when they make predictions and prepare a digital timeline about O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.”

short story timeline

ENGLISH (Grades 8-12): Character Analysis

Challenge your students to analyze book characters more deeply. In this lesson, they are asked to create a “Which Character Are You?” flowchart quiz to show the traits they discovered through the author’s direct and indirect character development.

SCIENCE (Grades 4-6): Food Chains

Can your students explain the transfer of energy in a food chain? Lucidchart can help—invite your class to create their own food chain using a flowchart template. Our lesson plan also includes questions for further evaluation and related online applications your students can try.

food chain flowchart 

SCIENCE (Grades 4-8): Rock Cycle

This lesson rocks (pun intended). Students will first use crayon shavings to learn about different stages of the rock cycle, and then they’ll use Lucidchart as a group to create a rock cycle diagram together.

MATH (Grades 4-6): Greatest Common Factor

Make prime factorization less complicated—this lesson plan asks students to use Venn diagrams or factor trees to find the greatest common factor in each set of numbers.

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