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Quickly capture and organize ideas during brainstorming sessions with Lucidchart's collaborative mind mapping software. Mind maps have never been easier!

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Mind mapping features

After reviewing our competition, we decided to build a mind mapping tool that surpassed any other program out there. Our mind mapping library has a suite of features like real-time collaboration, built-in Google image search, custom themes, and social sharing. To make our mind mapping really stand out, we added:

  • Auto-spacing of mind mapping nodes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick mind map creation
  • Auto-theming for different levels of mind maps
  • Collapsible branches


Brainstorming often results in an unorganized list of ideas. Lucidchart's free mind mapping software will help you structure these items, leading to increased action and faster turnaround.


Real-time collaboration makes it easy to merge information and instantly see others' edits. The built-in chat feature allows for discussion of ideas, so you can speedily implement changes.


While other mind mapping software programs lock you into a specific layout, Lucidchart gives you the flexibility to add color, include custom fonts, and alter line styles. Creating your flowchart online just became that much easier. Express your ideas, your way.

mind mapping software
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Use mind maps in your organization to take notes, set strategy, plan projects, and more. You can also utilize Lucidchart as an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm and record ideas.

Mind mapping lets you involve students in the educational process and help them retain information through interactive learning. In or out of the classroom, Lucidchart is a powerful educational tool.