Mind Mapping Software

Quickly capture and organize ideas during brainstorming sessions with Lucidchart's collaborative mind mapping software. Mind maps have never been easier!

Mind mapping features

Mind Map software

Use mind maps in your organization to take notes, set strategy, plan projects, and more. You can utilize Lucidchart as an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm and record ideas. In or out of the classroom, Lucidchart is a powerful educational tool.

Mind maps and more

Many mind mapping programs come at a much higher price than Lucidchart, but only include mind mapping shapes. Lucidchart lets you make ANY diagram, all with the same account. You can brainstorm an idea with a mind map, and then bring it to life with a process flow or mockup.

Mind mapping software


Lucidchart lets you recreate the feel of a productive brainstorming meeting, even if you and your colleagues are not in the same room. Use the chat and comments features to communicate as you draw your map together in real-time.

Online Mind Map Maker

Ease of use

Smart features make mind mapping with Lucidchart simple and intuitive. Keyboard shortcuts let you build out your map without interrupting your flow. You can also take advantage of collapsible branches, auto-spacing, and auto-theming for the different levels of your map.

Intuitive Mind Mapping Software

Feature Highlights

Use Lucidchart's intuitive features to create complex mind maps.

Drag and drop

Better results

Brainstorming often results in an unorganized list of ideas. Lucidchart's free mind mapping software will help you structure these items, leading to increased productivity and faster turnaround times.

Visio Import and Export

Visio import/export

Seamlessly transfer any Visio files you have into Lucidchart, and then edit them in the cloud. You can also export your files back to Visio formats if you have clients or colleagues who don’t use Lucidchart.

Google Drive

Flexible layout

While other mind mapping software programs lock you into a specific layout, Lucidchart gives you the flexibility to add color, include custom fonts, and alter line styles. Express your ideas, your way.

Share via print or digital

Publishing & sharing

Want to show off your mind map? It’s easy to export it to a variety of file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG. You can print it out at your preferred dimensions or share it via email or social media.

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